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Film/TV/Music Video/Commercial
Laura truly becomes the character her performances are spellbinding

Ginger haired vixen Laura Meadows is a professional actress, singer and
 storyteller. While it's discernible that Laura has the voluptious figure to
amply mesmerise she's flourishing in her multifarious flair in all forms of
 entertainment. She has appeared in numerous television shows, movies,
web-series, music videos, commercials and infomercials. She is also
a model for national ad campaigns.

The human experience of acting is what makes her tick. She is a talent who
 is willing to push bondaries, enjoy the adrenaline, and savor each and
every moment of the ride. Trust her to catch the eye with a measure of
entrancing believability.
Cast and crews must be having a ball whenever Laura is around and her
merriness is bound to rub off on audiences as well.